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If you have questions about God's existence. We might have the answers you need. Take a look!

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"Coming from an unstable and abusive environment I believe helped mold me for who I needed to be. I have been in situations, and I am sure people have been in worse, but it was happening to me, so for me it was my experience. Just having bad family relationships and then having to defend myself ever since I can remember. The two alone are very challenging especially because life was not meant to be like that for kids. And then at the age of ten the death of my dad brought very much impact into life, so much that it opened the doors to the world of drugs. I had already experienced other things, so this just drew me further. As an adult I started to seek God because I was under too much depression but I did not see the things that I needed to help me understand who God is. Until I did. Then I saw, and now I give that which was given to me, patience, love, understanding, joy, goodness, kindness, gentleness, and I am working on self—control as well as faithfulness. It has been hard because the enemy does not come after someone that does not have God; he will come for those who desire to have a relationship with God. So we must fight to stay in that light. Amen I am thankful to know God and to be able to let others know about Him as well "

Glenda, Friend of Jesus

If you've wondered where you stand amongst all the Christian confusion, the study of the scripture by the Holy Spirit can set your doubts at rest.

  • Defy Satan and all that rages against God's people

  • Remove doubt and get peace

  • Close the door to the past and live for Christ

  • Lift up the cross that only speaks of Jesus

  • Find strength and comfort for your trials

  • Learn of a Just God for sinners

You can take a small step of faith that saves. You'll be able to trust God who gives you assurance of salvation. To learn more sign up for our free e-tracts. You'll not just get relief for your conscience; salvation is building a whole new direction, just think this work is for all eternity. These guides point you to Christ and help you get the most out of God's word.

If your spirit resonates with God's word it will teach you that God has promised to save. If you'd like prayers from us just email us and we'll add your name to the prayer list. Turn to God, who is always near you, and humbly beseech him for guidence.

Together we'll defy the opposer of souls who is always working to cast doubts and create division of God's people. Being in God's word is a good answer to Satan's rebuffs. Jesus always answered him with scripture.

God's plan and will is to save sinners. "All that the Father giveth shall come to me and him that cometh I will no wise cast out."  Jesus Christ is The word and The Word is God

Choose your e-tract from any theme; assurance of salvation, why a Christian does sometimes get sick and how God leads one through, or you can find out what you ever wondered where you stand in the face of Christian confusion.

Free e-tract

We offer free e-tracts when you sign up for our emails. Or you can get inexpensive booklets for $3.00; these are in our book room. We are routinely updating our books, offering sales, and we have physical tracts just fill out the order form if you'd like to minister to our prisoner ministry or give away tracts.

New Arrival; Book of Roman's 

Commentary on Romans. Vol. 1 was written by Carl Olof Rosenius. This is the latest paperback by Pietan Publications. It covers chapter 1-5 of the Book of Romans. The Book Review was written by Jonathon D. Andersen.


You'll find solid doctrine and with clear exposition of Christ at its core. The book will cut out that which is flesh and fill you with God's direction found in Romans. This book is designed for preachers and laymen of the word, and  for the adventurous book nerd. 

email Support

Although we're a few people that are behind the scene,  we're open to suggestions, wish lists, or even engaging a copywriter for your business. Since, this is a family-run ministry and we're always setting up book orders—previously by mail, we still appreciate reviews and feedback from our customers. 

 We're currently setting up for online purchases.

We are sorry for any inconvenience with our check out page. We've been providers of some book dealers. As we have a supply of books for sale we're now creating check-out options. Most of our buyers order by snail mail or phone. (Currently NOT  offering PayPal until further notice. We haven't claimed any money from it yet. Wait 30 days and it'll be back into your account.) Until further notice use our mailing address. Pietan Publications 26 Green Farm RD. New Ipswich NH 03071 Or email


DONATE: Rest Awhile by Fredrick Wislof 

To celebrate the long years of free time invested by Warren M. Ojala into building and setting up Pietan Publications non-profit we're giving away a free book by donation only. It complements a book swap and roadside park on location. We named the park Rest Awhile to signify both natural and spiritual rest.

If you’d like more information about our features, get in touch today.

Opt-in to our email with a free E-tract.

This is your chance to do a mini self-examination with the scriptures, along with the persuasion of the Holy Spirit which can set your doubts to rest.


Take that little step of faith to grasp the written word beginning with the first step. The reward for doing so is great. For Jesus said  He will be found of those that seek Him. We've created a free written piece to help you find assurance of salvation; whatever may be troubling you.


Whether you've found Christ or not, there's something in our bookstore no matter where you're at. You can grow your faith and get your questions answered. 


Or as a teacher or leader you may want to have material to draw from to teach others. Reach us by email to get  inexpensive tracts to pass around. 

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All books and tracts by Pietan in a spreadsheet.

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Are You Ready to Die?

Death comes to one and all

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Self-Deception; Did You Deceive Yourself?

Finding Assurance of Salvation.

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Shall A Christian Never Be Sick by Fredrick Wislof

Christians and sickness

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On Faith Of The Gospel James Haldane

Do you understand the gospel?

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Are You Born Again? Six Tests for a Christian!

Take the quiz!

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Articles to be informed in this Christian community

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From moldering away in old bookstores this collection was the purpose of Pietan Publications.

Online Community space via articles and emails 

More for you that our books offer. You will taste of His love and you won't feel thirsty again. He has  wells of living water.

He will give you REST. If you are struggling through something you will find the courage to do so with His hand on you. Our books tell how such as: Shall a Christian Never Be Sick booklet. Or in Fredrick Wisloff's Rest Awhile.

Did you know that the real foundation of a ruined, hell-deserving sinner's peace is in Jesus? Perfect, because our books have so much to offer. Jesus came to exhort and appeal to your inward need that He is the succor of temptation.

Our entire line of books are for those that want to communicate in the well-springs of life. This includes the love that is between other believers. 

If you call yourself a believer, have a love of the truth, this bookstore is for you. You may email us at

Those who believe the way to salvation to go to church, read your Bible, and pray may be convinced that the only way for salvation is by grace, through faith—led by the new birth. Learn more with our booklet Look to Jesus by William Reid.

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