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Vol. 1 of Commentary on Romans by C.O. Rosenius is here. NEW and in-depth study on the book of Romans.  Hot off the press today. You will love this book if Romans has been something you want to understand or take a deep dive into. This affordable paperback comes in two colors. The first of three volumes and the first unabridged copy in English. If this book had any main point it'd be that it points to assurance of salvation based on a righteousness that is imputed to a believer by the sheer mercy of God and this is what changes one to acts of faith and godliness. Authoritative as its writing was established when God was moving heartily upon the speaker in The Great Swedish Awakening movement. Translated by Richard Wood, who included a note, was fluent in the Swedish language. On the back was an endorsement of the book by historian Jonathon D. Andersen, editor. The publisher of the book is Warren M. Ojala whose list of books is included in the back of the book for easy reference. Inside there's a brief memoir of the life and ministry of C.O.Rosenius.  The book is a good solid read of 374 pages and is perfect for firesides or long evenings. It might be that some would say that man was saved partly by works and partly by Grace. This thought is refuted in Romans as free grace to the sinner is established by God's will alone. The eternal righteousness, holiness, and consuming sovereign will of God are set for both as Majestic and Merciful to man in their utterly lost state. 

Commentary on the Book of Romans

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